Took a few hours to build, performance is still tricky to judge at this stage, so watch this space. Had a lot more trouble getting contacts that at 5W on the FT-857D into an End Fed Half Wave Antenna (EFHW).

I have also done some mods to my model ( Mods done: Dual band switch, range adjustment capacitor, shielded mic/PTT; I haven’t able to find a decent replacement knob.

Tuning range of my MDT is 7.044 - 7.089 & 7.086 - 7.136.

A small hint for calibrating your dial: sit the MDT directly on top of another receiver, or make a small wire antenna from that receiver over the MDT; then you will be able to hear the VFO/BFO frequency.

Contacts so far

(3/40 for the Beach 40-40 Award.)

One to a summit and two from a summit (SOTA), I am hoping to qualify a summit or two just using this radio.