alt test RTL-SDR receiving a big chunk of the upper beacons portion of the 6m band, to the right there are two local beacons, WSPR-X has received a local WSPR signal, this is about the same as I get from any other transceiver I have here due to local noise.

Download SDRSharp:

Follow the RTL-SDR quick start guide to get the RTL-SDR running in Windows:

Get virtual audio cable software, like this one:

Download WSPR-X:

Install the above apps…


  • Make sure you select USB mode,
  • Output from SDRSharp (“Audio” section) should go to the virtual cable,
  • Load WSPR-X and set input as the virtual cable,
  • Make sure you select the correct frequencies and
  • Wait! :)


I found a small mod for SDRSharp to extend the bottom end of the range of my RTL-SDR with the R820T tuner down to about 14 MHz, and had a look at 21MHz WSPR. Not much but just down a little in freq I saw something familiar, JT65, so off I went with WSJT-X and could hear Europe coming in, awesome!