Activation: 02-12-2015

This was a completely unannounced activation, as it was a spur of the moment decision to take advantage of some free time and I had no idea what time I would reach the summit. I did struggle to get contacts for about 25 minutes, but I ended up with 6 contacts in the next 30 minutes.

Interesting heavy [[QSB]] here to Sydney. Stations in Victoria did not report issues, other than my signal was low. The [[SWR]] on the linked dipole was a little higher on 40m than when I was at [[Livingstone NP|VKFF-0292 Livingstone National Park]], I’m going to put that down to the dipole being flatter (rather than an inverted-V). The antenna was also under the tree canopy on a windy day, which may explain the [[QSB]].

And yup, all that gear fitted into a 30L pack comfortably (except the squidpole…). 4W solar panel, 7.2Ah SLA, [[FT-817]], [[VX-8R]], antenna, seat, ground sheet, drinks, food, log sheets and extra power and RF cables (no tuner this trip!).

[img[]] //Everything that was in the backpack//