Activation: 28, 29-11-2015

I took advantage of a more laid back atmosphere of a [[WWFF]] activation by taking some time to test out equipment and refine my antenna installation. After a [[small fix|FT-817 TX Fix]] to my [[FT-817]] I wanted to give the radio a good run before my trip down the Overland Track over new-years. Radio performed great, but static hampered contacts, eventually on the Sunday I jumped in the car and made 30 contacts on the [[FT-857D]] with 100W output.

The antenna I used was a linked dipole for: [[40m]], [[20m]], [[10m]] & [[6m]]. I built it a few years ago wanting to target these bands for activations. I originally had problems tuning the antenna up, part of it was the [[FT-817]] playing up on TX, the other part was the elements were installed backwards, so the 40m extension was on the middle. All fixed now! Just refining the tuning a little over the next few trips, it looks like minimum [[SWR]] is on: 50.4, 28.6, 14.15 and 6.9 MHz (I’m guessing the last one).

[img[]] //Broke my new telescopic rod//

[img[]] //All the gear I brought with me for a comfortable day out//