QRP Hours 40m Contest


alt text Set up at the end of the road near what looks like an old jetty

I went portable at Port Gawler Conservation Park (5CP-188, VKFF-0786) yesterday and decided to go with the FT-817 with the 20m vertical first up. And it ended up being the only band I operated on.

First contact was at 0716UT not long after I had set up.

I also tuned up on 40m briefly with the 20m vertical, but as expected I wasn’t heard.

A few personal issues came up, and I needed to head off early, so I didn’t set up a 40m antenna, but I was happy to get the one contact. I later found out I was heard about 5-5 approximately 2,000 km away in WA, but we didn’t end up on the same frequency at the same time to complete a contact. All packed up by 0745UT.

So the antenna did work as expected, but 5W can make it difficult to make contacts. I did spot myself on Parks and Peaks and I had a unidentified European station ask me if I was there, but he couldn’t hear me calling him back.

Enjoy the photos from Port Gawler Conservation Park!

alt text

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