Today I got my Alpha AWUS036H working as an Ad-hoc peer, hooked up to a 9dBi antenna on channel 3, transmit set to 20 dBm as I haven’t modified my system to do high powered WiFi yet. I jumped in my car with a Dell Mini 9 running Kali Linux with a TP-link TL-WN321Gv2 (rt2573 chipset). Both had fixed IP addresses, no DHCP here, and I pinged the box at home.

Didn’t get a terribly long distance, what I really need to do is update the regulatory domains on these devices to have the latest version of AU which allows up to 36 dBm, or do a general update on a few of my devices for the Amateur Radio frequencies (see Linux AR and WiFi).

It was good to see the occasional packet come through at extreme range, no need to associate and connect to join the network. this makes it much more resilient to fade and means peers that can hear other stations can still participate in the network without needing to contact a central hotspot.